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After years of counseling engaged and married couples, we realized that most Christian couples did not have a biblical mission and purpose for their family. They had learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, but they didn’t know WHY God had brought them together! The Visionary Marriage book and all-new DVD series are designed to equip married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian mission for their life together.


Listen now as Dr. Rienow shares an overview of Visionary Marriage!

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The new 5-part DVD series includes a free downloadable participant guide, which you are free to copy and distribute in small groups or adult classes. Order today.


You Married a Moving Target
Sexual Compatibility
God’s Call for Husbands

The Visionary Marriage book and DVD series are powerful tools for churches who want to:
  • Equip and encourage couples to embrace a compelling, Bible driven mission for their lives together.
  • Build a healthy culture of Christian marriage within their church.
  • Strengthen their ministry to youth and children by strengthening marriages.
  • Inspire and prepare engaged couples to build their marriage and their future on the sure foundation of the Bible.

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